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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekly Review 5/5-5/9

We can't believe it's May already.  Don't forget that the Spring Concert is next Thursday, May 15th at 7pm! The 4th and 5th graders have been working so hard towards this performance. We hope to see you all there!

The first grade students continued the activity "Walk to the House," since many of them did not get a chance to play a percussion instrument. As Mrs. Rzasa and I were bringing the instruments out, we tested their memory. We were so happy that these amazing first graders remembered some difficult names such as cabasa and agogo bells.  We also began our "Peter and the Wolf" composing and acting unit. We made 7 groups, each representing a character from the book. We assigned each student a group and gave them the opportunity to pick a percussion instrument that would represent their character. Next week, students will compose a four beat pattern with their instrument and act out their parts. We can't wait to see and hear what our first graders will come up with!

The second graders continued their group compositions that went along with their  class melody.  The students needed to make sure that they matched the syllables of each word to the rhythm of the song. These second graders came up with some hilarious songs! Mrs. Rzasa and I taped their songs and will be putting them on the block next week so stay tuned!

The third grade students are now beginning to prepare for their concert in June. We went over the belts songs all the way to brown belt. Students are required to perform up to the belt that they have passed and are highly encouraged to memorize the songs! We also began learning the partner song that they will be singing at the concert, "We Want to Cheer!" One of the partner song is very popular and you will probably recognize the tune. If we want a sneek preview, feel free to ask your child! As a reminder:
The Third Grade Patriotic/Recorders/Violin concert will be
Tuesday, June 10th
at 8:45am

Fourth and fifth grade had their individual grade level rehearsals and one combined rehearsal. Mrs. Rzasa and I want to say that we were so happy that we had a successful first combined rehearsal on Friday! Thank you for working so hard to memorize your lyrics. If you still are not quite sure of some of the words, you still have time! If you have solo and speaking parts, please make sure you MEMORIZE them! We will be holding extra rehearsals next week. They are as follows:

Monday 8:05-8:30- All speaking parts
Tuesday 8:05-8:30- 
Tuesday- 8:05-8:30- Sound Effects

Tuesday Recess- All Pirates!

Concert: Thursday, May 15th @ 7pm.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the Moms out there!!!

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