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Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Review 5/19-5/23

Since our first grade students did such a great job acting and playing their musical theme from, "Peter and the Wolf," Mrs. Rzasa and I decided to tape each class's performance. Please CLICK HERE to watch your child's performance. During the second music class, the first graders learned about form. A musical form refers to the structure or layout of a musical piece. We focused on ABA form, where the A section is completely different from the B section. Each class created their own ABA form using du, du-de, and rest. Each section was 8 measures long. We then extended this activity by adding a body percussion to represent du, du-de, and rest

The second grade students continued exploring with Boomwhackers this week! Students got into small groups of 4 and composed a song using their Boomwhackers. Students were instructed to either strike the Boomwhacker on the floor, on their hand, on their back or on their foot. It was nice to see and hear all the creativity and musicality.

The third graders have continued to work on learning patriotic songs for their upcoming Flag Day assembly!  They reviewed our partner song, "You're A Grand Old Flag," and finished learning "Red White and Blue." We had a new game at one of our centers called, "Haydn Seek." Ask your child what this fun game is all about!

Congratulations again to our wonderful 4th and 5th grade students for an AMAZING concert last Thursday! Students got a chance to reflect their performance as we watched the band and chorus perform. 

We hope you have a wonderful L-O-N-G weekend! We would like to take a moment to remember all the men and women who died serving our country. THANK YOU!

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