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Thursday, May 8, 2014

First Violin Ensemble Rehearsal!!

Wow!  We had an AMAZING first ensemble rehearsal today for violin!!  All of the students in the third grade violin program attended during recess (such dedication!) and we had an amazing time.

We started rehearsal with some D scale warm-ups.  They sounded SO good that I am considering incorporating them into our performance in June!  We then ran through "Song for Christine," "Frere Jacques," "Buckeye Salute," and "Mozart Melody."   It was great to hear all of the students playing at once...they have such a strong sound!

We also had some time to start working on "Oh, Susanna."  The grace notes are pretty tricky!!  The more we practice and rehearse, the better it will get!

Everybody enjoyed playing today. Here are the happy students ready to go back up to class!

I'm looking forward to our next rehearsal!! :)

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