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Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekly Review 4/28 - 5/2

Before we get to our weekly review,  I want to congratulate the 5th graders on winning an awesome volleyball game against the teachers this morning!  Such a great way to start our Friday!

This week, the first grade students discussed the instruments of the orchestra and watched a video about the Carnival of the Animals.  The Carnival of the Animals is a series of short musical pieces by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.  Each part is about a different animal, and features a different instrument of the orchestra.  It was fun to watch the musicians playing their instruments among the animals in the video!  They also learned a new song called "Walk to the House."  The song corresponds to a percussion instrument guessing game.   We had a lot of fun!

The second graders started a class composition.  Mrs. Niu and I drew a staff on the board, and each student had the opportunity to contribute either a rhythm (such as quarter note, eighth note, or rest) or a pitch (A-G).  Once everyone in the class had added something to our song, we sang it together!  For the second class of the week, the students got into groups of two or three and composed lyrics to go with their class melody.  The students needed to make sure that they matched the syllables of each word to the rhythm of the song.

The third grade students enjoyed their music centers this week!  They also played JoyTunes, and worked on "Old MacDonald" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."  Some students even had the opportunity to lead the recorder warm-ups!
Note to parents:
The Third Grade Patriotic/Recorders/Violin concert will be
Tuesday, June 10th

Fourth and fifth grade students learned percussion parts for two of our chorus songs.  We are continuing to prepare for our upcoming concert - on Thursday, May 15th.  Flyers will be going home today!

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