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Thursday, March 15, 2012

4th and 5th grade Composing

This week the 4th and 5th grade students started their composing unit with a bang!  We used the class sets of iPads to utilize a free app called Looptastic.  A "loop" is a short section of music that is repeated- just like the ostinatos we have learned about in class!

Here is a screenshot of what the app looks like:

Students each altered the texture of their individual song by layering the loops on top of one another.  The dynamics (or volume) of each loop was changed based on preference, and the tempo (speed) of the piece was also customized.

Students experimented on their iPads to compose a piece they were happy with, then we all shared!  It was really fun to hear the different ways each student used the app- no two compositions were the same!

We will be continuing the composing unit through the spring, using traditional means (pen and paper), as well as via a music notation program in the computer lab.  We are looking forward to sharing the student's songs on the blog as we near the end of the school year!