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Monday, September 28, 2015

String Update & Assignment

Fourth Graders:
4A:  Today we learned rest position and playing position, as well as how NOT to hold our violin/viola!  Watch out for that wrist and elbow :)  We also played the open strings and discussed the differences and similarities between the violin and viola.


  • Purchase Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 (for your instrument) if you haven't already.
  • Go through the first few pages in the book on your own.   Since some of you switched instruments from violin and some are playing an instrument for the first time, it might be more or less difficult for you.  We'll check in next week and see how you did!

4B and 4C:  Today we played our D scale, then reviewed what we did last week on the "Concerto for Triangle."  Then, we added a few more measures and learned how to play piano (quietly) with beautiful tone! 

  • D Scale and Variations
  • Concerto for Triangle - up to measure 25

Fifth Graders:
5A and 5B:  Today we played through the Concerto for Triangle, and learned some new articulations including the accent.  Next, we listened to a new piece we will be working on called "Jazzy Old Saint Nick." The piano part sounds so cool with our pizzicato and arco music!


  • D Scale and Variations
  • Concerto for Triangle - all
  • start Jazzy Old Saint Nick

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