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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

String Update & Assignment

Wow, yesterday we had an amazing day of string lessons!  Please remind your child to come to school on Mondays with their instrument and music - we had quite a few who forgot - thank you!

Fourth Graders:
4A:  We started by reviewing the parts of the violin, viola, and cello.  Then, we discussed some of our concert pieces, including one very funny joke piece!

4B and 4C:  We discussed our concert songs, then played a D Major scale.  It was a great warm-up and got our fingers moving!  We also started to play a new song called "Concerto for Triangle."


  • D Scale
  • Concerto for Triangle
  • Try to get back into your practicing routine from last year! :)

Fifth Graders:
5A and 5B:  After discussing our music for the Winter Concert, we played the D Major Scale with varied rhythms as a warm-up.  Then, we started to work on "Concerto for Triangle."   Although it was only the first day for this piece, the students were amazing sight readers!  Check out how they sounded after only a few minutes:


  • D Major Scale with tricky rhythmic patterns
  • See how far you can get through "Concerto for Triangle!"   We will try to run through the whole piece next week.
  • Start to brainstorm a fun and challenging piece we can play as a 5th grade feature at the concert.

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