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Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Review 5/25 - 5/29

Wow, the year is winding down…next week will be June!

The first graders finished their composition unit, with the last few groups performing in front of the class.  We are so thrilled with how their ABA compositions turned out!  They learned about how songs can tell a story, by singing an echo song called "The Other Day I Met a Bear."  It was so funny! We also discussed New Orleans, Louisiana, and how it was the birthplace of Jazz.  Jazz paved the way for swing and ragtime music- great music styles for dancing!  

The second graders took a trip to Africa this week!  We learned about different instruments that are played in West Africa, including the shekere, djembe, and bell.  

Then, they sang a great call and response song called "Che Che Koolay," and volunteers took turns being the caller.  The caller not only leads the song, but the dance too!  

The third graders have been working hard towards memorizing their songs for the concert.  Remember…the big day is June 10th!  We cannot wait for you to hear the string players, recorder, and delightful singing they have prepared for you!

The fourth grade students worked on a fun song this week, "Shake it ORFF!"  The Orff instruments include the xylophone, glockenspiel, and metallophone.  We also reviewed the words bass, alto, and soprano, which are used to identify the size/pitch of each instrument.  They played these instruments, along with the Boomwhakers, to Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off."  

(you can see more pictures HERE and HERE)

The fifth graders are excited about their moving up celebration, and to prepare they have been working on a song!  They voted on "We're All in This Together," and it is perfect for the occasion!  Some classes also had the chance to start a new song and game called "Al Citron," a silly nonsense song sung in Spanish!

We hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

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