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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekly Review 5/18- 22

Each student in grades 1-5 will have an opportunity to show their peers, Mrs. Rzasa and I their music abilities during Musical Showcase week June 15-19th.   Students may choose to sing, dance, or play an instrument.  This is their chance to share any musical skills they have!  The students always enjoy watching their peers, so we hope all students choose to participate!

Our first grade students presented their ABA compositions to the class. Here are a few groups from Mrs. Burnham's class:

Second grade students learned a partner song called, "Hey Ho!" that went along with "Ah, Poor Bird."  A partner songs "are melodies which fit together in such a way that they sound good when they are sung together."  Students first learned the song with creative movements and then created an ostinato on boomwhackers with the same minor chord  as "Ah, Poor Bird" - D, F A.

Our Patriotic Concert  is coming up on June 10th , so our third grade students have been rehearsing for their concert. Thank you to all those students who auditioned for the four solo parts! We have so many talented singers to choose from! Mrs. Rzasa and I will make some hard decisions on who will be our soloists for this concert. Please start memorizing the lyrics for "My America" and "Grand Old Flag." Students will also be performing the recorder songs that they have earned their belt for. Don't forget to also memorize those songs!

Some of our fourth grade students played a fun music game called, "The Timbre" game.  Timbre "is the quality of a musical note or sound, or tone that distinguishes different types of sound production." In this game, a designated students is the music man/lady and has to reach the treble clef target located in front of the room. This person is blindfolded and has to listen to the different timbres of four different instruments. Each sound of the instrument will tell the music man/lady to move one step forward, one step backwards, one step to the right and one step to the left. The conductor will guide the music man/lady but conducting the musicians on when to play the instruments. The remaining students become obstacles courses in the music room. It was such a fun game that we will continue this game next week.

Fifth grade students will have their last performance singing their graduation song on June 16th. We will be rehearsing them during their music class.

We hope you have a relaxing long weekend! 

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