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Friday, May 15, 2015

Weekly Review 5/11 - 5/15

First, we'd like to extend a BIG congratulations to the 4th and 5th graders for their performance at our Spring Concert on Wednesday!  We are so proud of you :)

This week, the first grade students took last week's ABA composition and selected hand percussion instruments to perform with.  Each group decided how they wanted to structure the composition.  Since they must follow the form, here are the choices:

  • Both students perform ABA in unison
  • One student performs A, their partner performs B, then the first student performs A
  • One student performs A, their partner performs B, then they perform A together
  • Both students perform ABA, with one person playing all quarter notes, and the other playing all eighth notes
Next week they will play them for the class, and we will share some of the videos with you here on the blog!

The second graders learned the difference between major and minor tonality.  Many times students associate major with happy feelings, and minor with sad.  However, this is not always the case!    We sang a song in minor called "Ah, Poor Bird" and added boomwhacker accompaniment.  They used the pitches D, F, and A to produce a minor chord.  Half of the class sang while the other class played an ostinato.  Next week, we will add a partner song and create a more complex accompaniment!

The third grade students have continued to rehearse for their June 10th concert.  They spent more time on the partner song for "You're a Grand Old Flag"- it's so much fun!  We also had our first student reach the black belt this week…congratulations!  Mrs. Niu and I are so happy with everyone's progress on the recorder.

The fourth and fifth grade groups watched the video of Wednesday night's performance for reflection and self-assessment.  That night, they truly learned the meaning of the phrase, "the show must go on."  We are so proud that despite the lights turning on and off every few minutes, they continued to play their instruments and sing through the chaos.  That's true showmanship!  

Have an amazing weekend!

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