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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekly Review 3/3- 3/7

In first grade, students continued to learn about Sergei Prokofiev's fairytale, "Peter and the Wolf." It is spoken by a narrator and accompanied by an orchestra. Each character in the story represents an instrument and has a musical theme:
We did a listening map activity which visually showed each section of the song.  Each part of the map included a fun activity, such as drawing the different characters and identifying different instruments. 

The second graders learned two new instrument families this week:  the woodwind family and the  string family.

Common Woodwind Family Instruments:

Common String Family Instruments:
Double Bass

Next week we be reviewing the four instrument families through an interactive game!

In third grade, we started 6 different activity centers for students to rotate to as Mrs. Rzasa and I test students for their recorder belts. Here are the following 6 centers:
   1.  Testing
   2.  Practicing
   3.  Rhythm Stick Game (making 4 beat rhythms with popsicle sticks)
   4.  Musical Game- Game of the week was, "Classical Snaps."
   5.  Composer's Corner- student compose their own music using B,A and G
   6.  Book Nook- Students silently read music books

We also spent time on a fun interactive game called, "JoyTunes" where students can master the recorder.  Joy Tunes (  This site is a great way for students to practice through recorder games.  To play, you need a computer with a microphone (most laptops have built-in mics).  You can also download the free app if you have an iPad (

You will need to make an account so the student's progress will be saved.  Here's how to do it:

Go to, and click "Play for Free"

Next, make a username, password, and type in your email address:

Click "CONNECT" to allow the site to access your microphone:

Now you're ready to play!  Have fun :)

Fourth and fifth grade students continued their compositions on Garage Band. They shared their compositions during the last half of the class. We have a lot of creative musicians!

In chorus, we learned the dance to the folk song, "I'se the B'y." It was a lot of fun as we sang the dance moves and danced with our partners. For those students that are interested in performing this dance at our Spring Concert, please let Mrs. Rzasa and I know! Next week, we will be learning our last chorus song!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

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