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Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekly Review 3/10 - 3/14

Happy Pi Day! :)

This week, the first graders finished their listening map for Peter and the Wolf.  They now have a better understanding of the themes which represent each character in the story, as well as the instruments that are played.  Ask your child which character is their favorite!  They also prepared for St. Patrick's Day by singing "If You Ever See a Leprechaun?"  Once the students were familiar with the song, we added a glissando on the glockenspiel, as well as a part for the hand drum.

Another first grade activity from this week.

The second grade students reinforced each instrument family in the orchestra.  This was done through an interactive Touch It Board game called, "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra." It is based on Benjamin Britten's musical composition of the same name.   It is a listening game that takes you on a safari adventure as you visit the four instrument families and unlock each of their games.

The third graders continued to enjoy their musical centers on Recorder Testing Day.  Remember:  If a child would like to get ahead on their Recorder Karate belts (or if they need extra help), then may visit us before 8:30 on their assigned day.  Some students are up to their green belts, so we reviewed the note E. We also had a blast playing Joy Tunes!!

The fourth grade students read the book, Jabuti.  It is a fable about a turtle in the Amazon rain forest.  The students will be composing music in small groups to go along with the story!  To prepare for this activity, we reviewed all of the hand percussion and melodic percussion instruments in our classroom (as well as the proper technique for playing each).

The fifth graders have started composing their music to go along with "Where the Wild Things Are"- and we are thrilled with their progress after only one class period!  Check out the video below of a group from Ms. Conceison's class:

In chorus, the students have been working on completing their pirate song, "Oceanus," and "I'se the B'y," so that we can focus on the last piece for our concert- "Reflections of a Lad at Sea."   This is a piece with three movements- each section evokes a different mood, and is sung with a different tempo. This song will be a lot of fun to sing because it tells a fantastic story!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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