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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Review 6/8 - 6/12

Only one more full week of school left!  This year certainly has flown by.

Congratulations to all of the 3rd graders on Wednesday's concert!  We are all so proud of your accomplishments in music this year!

This week, all of the students played a review game:  Musical Jeopardy!   We had different questions for each grade level, which correspond to their music curriculum from the year.  Just like in real Jeopardy, there are different categories and dollar values for each question.  The ones worth more money are harder, and the ones worth less are a bit easier.

We explained to the students that the games are cumulative… meaning the questions can be from things they have learned in music from first grade through to their current grade level.  Overall, we were very impressed with how much everyone remembered!

In addition to the Jeopardy game, first grade students learned about patriotic music. This is music about one's country.  We did a Patriotic Sing-Along so the students can learn and review the songs which are important in the United States.

The fifth graders have been rehearsing for next week's 5th Grade Celebration, which will be held on Tuesday.  Please check with your child's classroom teacher for more information.

***This coming week is the Musical Showcase!  We can't wait to show you pictures and videos of the students' performances.  We hope you had a wonderful weekend!***

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