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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weekly Review 6/1-6/5

We can't believe that there is only 12 days of school left!!! Our 3rd grade students will be presenting their "Flag Day" concert this Wednesday, June 10th at 9:45am. Don't forget to wear red, white, and blue!

Our first grade students got into groups of two and created their "mirror" dance to Beethoven's, "Moonlight Sonata." We learned about Beethoven and what a musical genius he was. Unfortunately at the age of 26, he began to loose his hearing but this did not prevent him from composing music. First graders also learned about "audition" through a cute song with hand motions called, "Little Peter Rabbit." Feel free to ask your child what audition means and have them perform this song for you.

Our second graders learned the fun game that goes with the song, "I Lost The Farmer's Dairy Keys." At the end of the song, students played the fun, popular game of "Rock, Paper and Scissors" to determine if they could leave the gate. If you were inside of the gate, you have to win in order to get out. The song and game, "Ricco's Pizza Restaurant" was also popular among our second graders. Students learned what a fermata is through this song and had fun singing their orders and making pizzas.

Third grade students are busy rehearsing for their concert on Wednesday, June 10th. Don't forget that our last combined rehearsal is on Tuesday! If you need to go over the lyrics, here they are: 3rd Grade Concert.

Our fourth grade students continued to work on "Shake It Orff" and added a tubano accompaniment. A tubano is a type of drum:

Here is a video of some students playing the orff and tubano accompaniment for, "Shake It Orff" :

We can't believe our fifth grade students will be graduating on June 16th! This week, they worked on memorizing their lyrics to, "We're All In This Together" and got opportunities to perform scales and simple songs on the Orff Instruments.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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