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Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekly Review 3/23 - 3/27

This week, the first grade students played the violin!  Below, you can see a photo of them practicing rest position.  Then, they played pizzicato (plucking) on all strings - G, D, A, and E.  It was fun to take turns and help partners too!  The first graders also learned a cute song for a holiday we celebrated last week- St. Patrick's Day.   They passed shamrocks around the circle to the beat while singing, and the friends who had the shamrocks at the end of the song could play an instrument!  Either three beats on the hand drum, or a glissando on the glockenspiel during the next round.

The second graders enjoyed violin this week too! They played various warm-ups on the open strings, and started to prepare for the fingered notes.  They also played along to Twist and Shout following the chord progression of D-G-A.  In the second music class of the week, they either played "Old King Glory" or "Spring Eggs."  We hope that it starts to feel like Spring soon!

The third grade students have learned a new note these week- low E.  This will help the students who are currently learning "Lucy Locket," and prepare the students who are not there yet.  They also were rewarded with an awesome classroom game on the recorders - JoyTunes!

Fourth and fifth graders played "Hot Cross Buns" on the violin, and also played open strings with the bow!  They learned about all of the parts of the bow, how to properly hold it, and how to apply rosin.   Then, they played along to "Twist and Shout."  You can check out a few videos here!

Lovely rest position:

And this is what it looks like to dance and play violin at the same time! :)

In chorus, they finished learning "Party in the U.S.A."  The bridge section was a bit tricky rhythmically, especially with the syncopation.  But everyone certainly got the hang of it!  They also spent some time focusing on their featured grade level songs.  Fourth grade enjoyed "Sourwood Mountain," and fifth grade did "Johnny B. Goode." They were rocking on air guitar and having a blast dancing and clapping along while singing!  Some students even tried singing the solo in "It Don't Mean a Thing."

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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