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Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Review 3/2 - 3/6

This week, the first graders watched an excellent video all about the symphony orchestra!  They learned about what things are like for children who are in the Julliard Pre-College Symphony Orchestra, a highly competitive group for talented young musicians.  They have a lot of fun, but also spend time practicing their instruments in order to get better.  The video also visited adult professional musicians who perform in a group called Stomp.  They make music with unconventional musicians- ask your child what some of those instruments were!  They also learned a new song called "Charlie Over the Ocean," then played a great circle game as they sang!

The second grade students played Instrument Bingo again...but this time on the challenging side of the card!  Although the game was more advanced, the students remembered all of the sounds that the instruments make and were able to complete their bingo boards.  We also demonstrated the acoustic guitar for the class, and learned about how the strings vibrate at different speeds and with different wave patterns to create higher and lower sounds.  Check out this great video below!

All of our third grade students passed their White Belt song, "Hot Cross Buns."  We are so proud of  them!  The new song we are working on is called "Merrily We Roll Along," and it uses the pitches B, A, and G.  Don't forget to practice at home!  We will be starting centers next week, and will continue to belt test.  If you walk past the music room, don't forget to check out the signatures in the hallway on our white belt paper!  Mrs. Niu and I will also be making a schedule for when students can come for extra help if they would like.

The fourth and fifth grade students finished their composition projects, and you can find videos right here on the blog!  Next week they will be starting the violin unit, and hopefully we will be able to play the viola and cello too!

In chorus, the fifth graders continued to learn their featured song, "Johnny B. Goode."  They worked a lot on the second verse and the refrain!  The fourth graders also rehearsed their feature- "Sourwood Mountain."  All chorus students were finally able to start "Party in the USA." Such a fun song!

We hope you have an awesome weekend!

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