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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly Review 2/2-2/6

Congrats to our wonderful Patriots who won the Superbowl! I guess mother nature knew that we needed two extra days to celebrate and gave us two feet of snow!  Here is what we learned during this short week of school..........

In first grade, we ended our "Peter and the Wolf" unit with watching the cartoon. The students love it! We also learned a cute movement song called, "Tony Chestnut" which involved active participation. We sang this song in three different tempos and bursted out laughing after each one because we had so much fun!

Second grade students continued the interactive game called, "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra." We had fun finding instruments within a family, putting parts of various woodwind instruments together, and differentiating between high and low sounds.

Our third grade students are just about ready to receive their recorders! They took a practice note quiz this week and most of our students did a great job! Make sure you study this weekend because we will be giving out the test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! If you need more help, please see Mrs. Niu during your recess (at 12:45) on Monday! You should all have your practice quiz and study guide to study from. Best of luck!

Fourth and fifth grade students continued their compositions this week. Many of our students chose a percussion instrument to perform their compositions. Next week we will be performing them! Stay tuned!

In chorus, we finished "Land That We Love" and "It Don't Mean a Thing." Next week we will be starting our featured grade level songs. For fourth grade, it will be the fun country song called, "Sourwood Mountain" and for fifth grade, we will be learning "Johnny B. Goode." Recordings and lyrics can be found here: 2015 Spring Concert Songs

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully, just hopefully we won't be snowed in again!

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