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Friday, February 6, 2015

Featured Musician: Sophie

When the string students complete over 90 minutes of practicing in a given week, they are awarded stickers and and a ticket to put in the ticket box.  Once per month (on their Performance Day), I pull out 5 random tickets, and those students receive a prize!

This month, Sophie won the Featured Musician prize...a special feature and interview right here on her blog!  Keep scrolling to learn a little bit about Sophie :)

Grade :  3rd
How long have you been playing violin?  Since October 2014
Why did you choose to play the violin?  Because my friends were playing it, and I thought it would be fun- and it is!
What is your favorite song to play?  Teeter Totter
Does anyone else in your family play the violin?  Nope
Do you play any other instruments?  Yes- the piano.
Who is usually your stand partner in our lessons?  Ava D.
Are you looking forward to playing the recorder? Yes.
What music do you listen to outside of school? Eminem, Jobi (the tuba player), Katie Perry, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift.
Have you ever been to a live concert? No, but I am going to a Taylor Swift concert in July.
Do you like singing?  Yes, I’ve been singing since I was three.
Do you have any advice for young musicians?  It takes time and practice to learn an instrument!

Thanks so much, Sophie!

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