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Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Review 11/3- 11/7

Congratulations to our fabulous fourth grade students who sang the, "Armed Forces- America" beautifully at the Veteran's Day Assembly.

Our next music event is the 4th and 5th Grade Winter Concert which will be on Wednesday, December 10th at 7pm. 

This week, every student was introduced to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was a famous composer during the classical period. We learned about one of his famous operas called, "The Magic Flute." Next week, we will learn more about Mozart.

In First grade students watched Mozart's opera in a cartoon form called, "The Magic Flute." An opera is "an art form in which singers and musicians perform a dramatic work." Conversations between characters are sung rather than spoken. "The Magic Flute" was the last opera that Mozart wrote. We will finish watching the cartoon version of the opera next week.

Second grade students learned a fun song and game called, "A Funny Little Lady." Ask your student who the funny little lady is? The song had a solo part (a witch)  who disguised his/her voice singing, "rap, rap, rap..." It was fun to guess who the soloist was. We also taped all the classes performing, "The Old Wind." Please enjoy!

Our third grade students learned a song that talks about things that happen in the fall called, "Harvest Song."  The song is in minor and next week we will be adding an ostinato part using Orff instruments. The students are very excited to use these types of instruments again. Let's see how much they remember from second grade.

It was a big week for our fourth grade students as they prepared their song for the Veteran's Day Assembly. They did a fabulous job singing and memorizing a medley that talks about the five branches of the military! Congratulations fourth graders! In chorus, they finished learning, "Candlelight Canon" and "Stars that Twinkle and Shine." Please begin memorizing the songs! We will begin having tryouts for our solo and instrument parts in the next two weeks!

In chorus, our fifth grade students completed learning, "Candlelight Canon" and "Candle for Peace." We will begin to ask you all to bring in your flashlights to add to your grade level song! Please begin memorizing the songs! We will begin having tryouts for our solo and instrument parts in the next two weeks!

To all those who have served in the U.S Armed Forces, we THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

We hope you have a relaxing and enjoying LONG FOUR DAY WEEKEND!

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