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Monday, November 24, 2014

String Update/Assignment

**Reminder! There will be an ensemble rehearsal TOMORROW for ALL FOURTH GRADE string players!  Please don't forget to bring in your instrument!**

Third Graders
Today we focused on ALL D string and A string notes by working on the D scale.  We also reviewed the songs on page 11.


  • Bow tube practice.  Watch your wrist to make sure it stays flexible!  Pretend to play on each string and focus on that moving elbow! :)
  • Page 12.  Pizzicato first, then bow.
Fourth Graders
4A:  Today we played through the first two songs on the concert sheet.  The sound great, and particularly awesome with the cello, viola, AND violin parts!

  • Concert Songs!
4B:  Today we worked on the concert sheet, and got a new song: Silent Night.  

  • Concert Songs!

Here are some of our 3rd graders playing a song from the book:

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