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Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Review 9/29 - 10/3

Good morning!  This has been an action-packed week here in the music room:

The first grade students completed their "Loose Tooth" activity.  Half of the group performed the chant, while other students had the opportunity to play hand percussion instruments!  "Loose tooth" was performed on the hand drum (quarter notes), "wiggly jiggly" on the guiro (eighth notes), and "thread"/"bed"/"head" on the triangle (quarter note).  Of course, once we were done we switched so that everyone could have a turn!   The students have also been learning about the composer Bach, so we listened to his Prelude in C from the Well Tempered Clavier.   The students moved gracefully to the song, and will dance with partners in the next class!

Second grade students finished their "I'm an Acorn" song.  To extend the activity, they composed their own lyrics to fill in during the rhyming section of the song.   We also added fun hand percussion instruments like the rhythm sticks and cabasa!

The third graders sang a really fun song called "Dipidu."  Ask your child to see if they remember what "dipidu" means!  During the song, we switched between body percussion patterns in three (pat, clap, snap) and patters in two (pat, clap).  This is getting them ready to learn about time signatures and form!  The students also learned "Ding Dong" and figured out the rhythm of the song using quarter notes, eighth notes, quarter rests, and our new rhythm- sixteenth notes!

The fourth and fifth grade students have been working hard on their chorus songs.  "Light up the World With a Song" is so much fun to sing, and has a cool syncopated rhythm!  They have also been getting better at the concert's grand finale piece, "Holiday Lights."  We are so excited about the flashlight choreography, and can't wait until the students know the song well enough to start practicing it! 

Below is a video of the fourth graders singing their very first choral warm-up- aren't they incredible?

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