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Monday, October 27, 2014

String Update/Assignment

Third Graders
Today was our first day with the bow  :)  There was a lot of excitement, and a lot of things to remember. If you forget anything, please consult the guide below!  


  • Get a bow tube, a.k.a. an empty toilet paper roll, to help with your bow control
  • Bow exercises
  • Page 8 (pizzicato)
  • String names sheet (with bow!)

Fourth Graders
4A: Today we reviewed our bow technique, and practiced playing on the different strings!


  • Page 10 - pizzicato first, then bow
4B:  Today we continued to work on our G string notes.  Reading the notes below the staff is a bit tricky!   If you forget, look back in the book a page or 2 for a reminder.   We also played through the songs on page 27 and learned how to conduct in 3!

  • Page 28
  • First 3 measures of Submarine song


To Hold the Bow:
Start by making your little "shadow puppet," making sure to place the middle fingers over the thumb.

Following the steps I taught in class, hold the bow as shown below- the trickiest part will be that pinky!

In addition to the windshield wiper exercise we practiced today, please watch these videos and give them a try:

These exercises should be fun, and also count towards your minutes of practicing! :)

When using the bow tube, please be sure to hold it firmly with your left hand on your left shoulder, and to place the bow inside carefully.  Keeping the proper position of your right hand on the bow, pretend to play the violin through your tube.  Your right hand wrist should be flexible to bend up and down as you bow.  To make it more fun, you can listen to some music while you practice!

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