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Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekly Review- 9/8-9/12

Yeah! We completed one full week of school and had a fun filled week in music!

This week, the first graders finished the "Chicka- Chicka- Boom Boom" name game chant and learned the song, "Welcome Back."  The song was a lot of fun because we sang and performed the actions in different tempos (the speed of the song)  and used different dynamics (volume).  We also learned a song and game called, "Lucy Locket." One person is Lucy (he/she hides the pocket book in the room) and another person Kitty Fisher (finds the pocket). The rest of the students play an important role in this song/game because they help Kitty Fisher find the pocket by how loud or quiet they sing the song. This song/game is very similar to "Hot and Cold."

Second grade students finished playing "Grizzly Bear" and learned the song "Ickle Ockle." What does "Ickle Ockle" mean? NOTHING! After learning the song we played the game. One person was the "Ickle Ockle" and had to give another friend a "high five" after the song ended. The other students have to find another friend to give a "high five" too. The last student without a partner becomes the new "Ickle Ockle." 

The third graders finished their name game from last week, "Hey Children" and then learned a fun sewing song called, "The Thread Follows the Needle."  In the activity one student is a needle, and another student is a knot, and they form a cross stitch with their arms as they sing the song. It was a lot of fun! We also began learning a song called, "Two in A Boat."

Fourth and Fifth graders both learned a cup game and had a fun time practicing the routine.  The fifth graders learned a song called, "I've Been to Harlem" that goes along with the cup game. Next week we will be picking up the tempo of the game! Chorus also began this week. We sang some fun warm-ups and got into our chorus spots on the riser. 

We hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

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