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Friday, January 31, 2014

Weekly Review- 1/27-1/31

In music this week, our first grade students learned their first song on the violin. It is a fun and simple song called, "Mississippi Hot Dog."We also reviewed all the four open strings and many students had the opportunity to play a four beat rhythm on any of the open strings. We also learned a fun movement song called, "A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea." 

Second grade students reviewed the song "Mississippi Hot Dog" from first grade. They also learned "Hot Cross Bun" using the two new notes that they learned- F# and E. These two notes were challenging to play because students had to put their left fingers on the fingerboard while playing pizzicato with their right hand. This took alot of hand coordination.

It was another important week for our third graders.  They had to take their music notation test and pass it in order to receive their recorders next week.  Congratulations to all our students who passed! Mrs. Rzasa and I will offer any extra help and will make sure you pass so that you can get your recorders.  The make-up exam will be given next Monday and Tuesday during recess. We can't wait to give you all your recorders next week! If you have a recorder from an older sibling, make sure you bring it to your first music class next week!

The fourth and fifth grade students played "Hot Cross Buns" on the violins this week. One class started learning "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." We will continue learning this song next week and hopefully we can learn how to bow soon! I know many students are excited to learn how to correctly bow.  In chorus, we learned our grade level featured "pirate" songs. Fifth grade students learned, "Our Principal's a Pirate." It has a fun, catchy melody. Guess who will be our pirate during the spring concert? Fourth grade  students learned an upbeat two part song called, "Pirate For a Day." We also finished learning "I'se the B'y" and continued learning the beautiful song, "Oceanus." We are hoping to learn the dance moves for "I'se the B'y" soon!

Hopefully we will have nice weather this weekend! After all, it's SUPERBOWL Sunday! Have a wonderful weekend and we hope your team wins!

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