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Monday, January 13, 2014

Violin Assignment

Assignment for next week:  All of page 12 (pizz. then bow), and bow tube practice

This week, we reviewed the songs on page 11 (pizzicato) and continued to work on our bowing skills.  You may have realized when your child practices that it is extremely challenging to learn how to properly use the bow and how to produce a good tone.  A song that sounds amazing plucked (pizzicato) can sound completely different once the student uses the bow.  Many factors make bowing so difficult in the beginning stages, including:

  • It is awkward to hold properly.  Please refer to my post HERE for more information on bow technique
  • Pressure.  Too much or too little pressure on the strings will diminish the quality of the sound produced.
  • Proper bow speed
  • Bow placement on the instrument (on the strings, in between the bridge and the end of the fingerboard)
  • Even just the concept of moving both hands in different ways is tricky- the left hand has fingers that move up and down with fine adjustments, the right hand holds the bow and makes large gestures back and forth.
Please encourage your child as they practice! They will soon get over the "hump" and bowing will become natural and easy to them!

Mrs. Cyr's lesson group played a D scale for the first time with the bow today. Please check out their video below! (well, technically this shows their second time :) )

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