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Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly Review 11/13 - 11/15

Wowza, such a short week!  Here's a brief explanation of what the students did in music:

The first graders learned a new song called "Smells Like Thanksgiving." It shares a tune with another familiar tune (ask your child if they remember what it is!), and each person in class was able to contribute by thinking of something you might smell on Thanksgiving Day.

The second grade students put their newly acquired mallet/Orff instrument skills to the test by playing an accompaniment to a song called "October is Over."  They also explored body percussion and hand percussion instruments.

The third grade students learned a hilarious song called "The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven."  It has a verse/refrain form, and I split the class into 5 groups, so that each group could be "in charge" of one of the verses.  Working as a team, they came up with a short routine to go along with their verse.  Next week, the groups will perform for each other, and in between the verses the entire class will sing the refrain!

The fourth and fifth graders continued to work on their music for the Winter Concert.  Be on the lookout for a handout soon with all of the details.  Thank you!

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