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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Violin Assignment

Good afternoon!  Sorry that I did not write a violin post yesterday- the district's internet was down.

Below is the assignment for violin this week:

  • Review Book Page 6.  Please encourage your child to keep the left hand fingers rounded as they place them on the strings.
  • Book Pages 7-8.  
  • BRING IN A "BOW TUBE" (empty/clean toilet paper tube)
  • If needed, review the worksheets from last week's practice assignment.
The students (with the exception of Cyr's group, who I will see on Friday) have tapes placed on the necks of their violins.  These tapes mark where each finger should be placed on the fingerboard to play in tune.  We will continue to review these in our next lesson.  Please note that next Monday is a holiday (Veteran's Day) so there will be no lesson.

Thank you!

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