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Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Review 5/13 - 5/17

This has been another wonderful week in music!

The first grade students completed their ABA composing projects.  Each pair of students selected two percussion instruments with different timbres.  They were able to choose the rhythm sticks, triangle, hand drum, or egg shaker.  Below are the link to the videos for each class!

The first graders also started to learn about the Carnival of the Animals- by French composer Camille Saint-Saens.  You'll hear more about that next week!

In second grade, students completed and performed the lyrics they wrote for the class composition.  Here are the links to their videos!

In their second music class this week, the students started to learn "We Love the USA"- a song that they will sing for their Famous American Tea project!

Third graders are getting so excited about their Memorial Day assembly next week!  To prepare for the musical portion, they have been singing "Grand Old Flag" and "It's a Day to Honor Those Who Served."  Both songs will feature two soloists, and the students who have tried out so far have done an amazing job!  It will be difficult for Mrs. Niu and me to choose only 4 student soloists!  The assembly will also include two recorder songs: "Hot Cross Buns" and "Old MacDonald."  Please encourage your child to practice at home!

As a reward for such hard work leading up to our Spring concert, the fourth and fifth grade students have started watching the classic 1952 musical, "Singin' in the Rain." It's a very funny movie that takes place in the 1920s during the change from silent films to "talkies."  There are great songs and amazing dances in the movie.  The students were able to hear how the movie version of the song "Singin' in the Rain" differs from the choral arrangement the 5th graders sang in the concert.  We will be finishing the last 20 minutes of the movie next week!

We hope you have an awesome weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

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