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Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Review 3/4-3/8

We can't believe it's March already! Hopefully spring is just around the corner!

This week in first grade, each student got the opportunity to play over fifteen different percussion instruments which included the bongo drums, agogo bells, and the guiro. Ask your child what his/her favorite instrument is! We also played a fun percussion game called, "Walk in the House," which also gave many students an opportunity to be soloist. It was so much fun that we will have to continue this game next week!

Second grade students began their violin unit with Mrs. Rzasa performing familiar tunes on her violin. Mrs. Rzasa is an accomplished violist who also plays the violin. We reviewed the parts of the violin and our second graders remembered so much from first grade.  Next week, these students will play pizzicato on the violin.

In third grade, we started 6 different activity centers for students to rotate to as Mrs. Rzasa and I test students for their recorder belts. Here are the following 6 centers:
   1.  Testing
   2.  Practicing
   3.  Rhythm Stick Game (making 4 beat rhythms with popsicle sticks)
   4.  Musical Game- Game of the week was, "Classical Snaps."
   5.  Composer's Corner- student compose their own music using B,A and G
   6.  Book Nook- Students silently read music books

We hope your child is having fun with these music centers! We also learned how to play low E on the recorder and how to play the orange belt song, "Gently Sleep."
The fourth and fifth grade students performed their written composition on percussion instruments this week. Fourth grade students had to perform their composition in ABA form and fifth grade students had to perform their composition in ABACABA form, or also known as Rondo form. We have alot of creative students! We will be posting videos of some students playing their composition so stay tuned!

We hope you all are enjoying this snow day with your children! Have a wonderful weekend!

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