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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weekly Review 3/25 - 3/28

This has been another short week, but that didn't stop the action in music!  Here's what we were up to:

The first graders continued the violin, mastering all open strings (G, D, A, and E).  We played them in order, then challenged the students with different patterns.  We also read a great book, "Zin! Zin! Zin! a Violin."  This book uses the instruments of the orchestra to teach the special music words used for different sized ensembles:
One musician - solo
Two musicians - duet
Three musicians - trio
Four musicians - quartet
Five musicians - quintet
Six musicians - sextet
Seven musicians - septet
Eight musicians - octet
Nine musicians - nonet
Ten or more musicians in a small ensemble - chamber group

The second grade students once again performed the bass line for "Bluebird, Bluebird" on the violin while half of the class sang.  They were so excited to start learning the fingered notes on the violin.  By placing the first finger of the left hand on the D string (covering the tape closest the the scroll), the resulting note is E.  They learned that there is more than one E on the instrument, including the fingered E we just played, as well as the open E string!  After that, we played F# (spoken as "F Sharp") by adding the second finger.  Using F#, E, and D, we played Hot Cross Buns!! It was a lot of fun.

The third grade students enjoyed their musical centers again this week, and next week we will be switching our "Classical Snap" for a different music game.  As a reminder, the centers are: Composers Corner, Book Nook, Music Games, Rhythm Games, Practicing, and Testing.  The students reviewed the low notes E and D.  These ones are tricky because the holes need to be covered all the way: leaks make squeaks!  Please help your child with this at home if their instrument sounds squeaky.  Thank you!

The fourth and fifth grade students learned how to play "Hot Cross Buns" on the violin, and next week the fifth graders will play with the bow!  Bowing is more challenging than pizzicato, and it will be fun to experiment with the different sound that it makes!

In chorus this week, the students finished the song "Turn the World Around."  It has a great upbeat tempo and a cool clapping part!  The syncopated rhythm is a bit tricky, but the students are starting to get the hang of it.  We also worked on the Three Elements song.  It is extra important to listen to each other and to the piano for this song.  It is a joy to have Mrs. Parry accompanying us once again, and to have her join us for rehearsals. Thanks Mrs. Parry!

Note to all chorus students:  CHORUS LYRICS ARE ON THE BLOG! :)
Please click HERE to view them, and to practice at home!   All music needs to be memorized by the time we get back from April Vacation.

We hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

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