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Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter/Holiday Caroling

We are excited to announce that we will be singing in the hallway on the risers again this year!  We will be set up outside of the office near the front entrance, and will have extra song packets for any parents/visitors who want to stop by and join us!

If you are interested in seeing your child sing, we will be there with each class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during their regular music time.  We are caroling on 3 different days to ensure that each class gets the opportunity to do it at least once, and a few classes will end up going twice:

Wednesday, December 19th: 
8:30 Gr. 5 - Rabazzi, Wiernicki
9:30 Gr. 4 - Coutu, Weinberg
10:30 Gr. 3 - Keating, Kippenberger
11:30 Gr. 2 - Farrand, McLaughlin
1:15 Gr. 1 - Burnham, Panagiotopoulos

Thursday, December 20th: 
8:30 Gr. 5 - Burns, Rabazzi 
9:30 Gr. 4 - Gonzalez, Coutu
10:30 Gr. 3 - Cyr, Kippenberger
11:30 Gr. 2 - Siegel
1:15 Gr. 1 - Calandrelli, Panagiotopoulos

Friday, December 21st: 
8:30 Gr. 5 - Wiernicki, Conceison
9:30 Gr. 4 - Weinberg, Olshaw
10:30 Gr. 3 - Ferullo 
11:30 Gr. 2 - Nelson, McLaughlin 
1:15 Gr. 1 - Burnham, Gearin 

Since the classes will meet us in the music room first, it might take us a few minutes before we arrive to the risers- thank you for your patience!

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