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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Review 11/5- 11/9

 A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our 4th grade students who did a wonderful job singing and speaking at our Veteran's Day assembly! We had about three veterans, including Mr. Marsh, who came to the assembly. Thank you for your service for our country!

In first grade, students learned about high and low sounds. Each class came up with a list of things that made lows sounds and a list of things that made high sounds. We experimented high and low sounds with our voices. Students enjoyed mimicking Mickey Mouse's "high" voice and the sound of a "low" bass drum. We applied our high and low voices as we read the famous chant, "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

     High Voice- "Mama called the doctor and the doctor said."
     Low Voice-  "No More monkeys jumping on the bed."

We learned a song called, "Bluebird Bluebird" and played a fun game. Students became a house and had to catch the two Bluebirds. They closed the window as they sang the phrase, "Oh Johnny aren't you tired." The first graders also had to make sure that their voices went from "high to low" as they sang this phrase.

Second graders learned about the Orff instruments. They learned three different types of Orff instruments: xylophones, metallaphones, and glockenspiels. They also learned the family names: bass, alto, and soprano. Ask your second grader which instrument they had fun playing this week!

Third grade students learned a song in minor called, "The Harvest" which taught them the musical terms of: repeat, fine, and da capo fine. This song has an arrangement for Orff instruments and a recorder. We learned the glockenspiel part, which also reinforced using proper technique to hold the mallet. We will continue this activity next week with the xylophones so stay tune!

BRAVO to ALL of our fourth graders who performed at the Veteran's Day assembly on Thursday. They sang, "America the Beautiful" and "A Grateful Nation" so beautifully in tune that we saw Mrs. R tear! To those who had a speaking part, you all spoke loudly and clearly! To the rest of the fourth grade students who patiently waited while each class came up to speak, "THANK YOU!" 

We are now just a few weeks away from our Winter Concert so our fifth graders have been working very hard on their songs. We ran through "Food Glorious Food" and had solo tryouts. Thank you to those brave ladies and gentlemen who volunteered singing for a solo part! We reviewed both parts of, "Lots of Latkes" and rehearsed various parts of "Hot Chocolate." Fifth graders, your songs are coming along! Now we just have to memorize the songs so that we can add dance movements!

Have a wonderful LONG weekend! See you all on Wednesday!

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