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Friday, November 16, 2012


Do you know about our BRAVO Incentive program?

On each music day, classes can earn a BRAVO.  They get a "B" for entering the classroom appropriately and quietly walking to their assigned seat.   Letters "R," "A," and "V" can be earned during the class by following directions and classroom rules.  If the class lines up quietly and patiently waits for the classroom teacher they can earn the "O."  If a class earns the whole BRAVO, a sticker gets added to their chart.

10 for 10
Once a class earns 10 BRAVO stickers, they are rewarded with 10 minutes of party time at the end of their next class!  A BRAVO party is an opportunity for them to play fun music games or sing favorite songs.  The class votes on which activities they want to do the most- we have a great time!

If your child's class earns a BRAVO party, you may send them to school with an appropriate CD for us to listen or dance to.  Please do not have them bring in iPods, as they are against school policy.

This week, Mrs. Ferullo's class enjoyed their first BRAVO party of the year:

Congrats to Mrs. Ferullo's class, as well as the other classes who have recently earned 10 minutes of BRAVO party time!

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