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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Weekly Review 10/1- 10/5

Can you believe it is October already?

First grade students learned about steady beat. Whether music is fast or slow, it has a continuous pulse.  We walked to the steady beat of a hand drum and tapped a steady beat on various parts of our body to John Sousa's songs. We learned the chant, "I Think Music is Neat,"and a Halloween song, "Have You Seen the Ghost of John."

The second graders learned about Johann Sebastian Bach. Ask your child to give you one fact about this famous composer! Mrs. Rzasa is working towards her Masters degree and is doing a project on John Feieraband's Conversational Solfege. It is a pedagogical method that develops musical literacy.  Ask your student what doo and doo-day means!

In third grade, the students learned the chants, "Bate Bate" and "Chocolate Chipmunk." They are partner songs that contain steady beat and body percussion. We reviewed rhythms such as quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note and half note. Our third graders remembered alot from last year! We also learned a cute song called, "Ding Dong Diggy Diggy Dong" which introduced sixteenth notes. 

Fourth graders continued to create a rhythm stick accompaniment part to play along with the response for the song "Chicka Hanka"   In chorus the students finished learning "Food Glorious Food." They are singing the important harmony part that makes the melody beautiful! We also began, "The Christmas Song" or better known as, "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire."

The fifth graders reviewed all the line and space notes on the grand staff. We learned a song called, "I Don't Know the Notes" to help us remember the names of the notes. Ask your fifth grader to sing the refrain part to you! We also played fun note games; Park It, Bean Bag Toss, and Ready, Get Set, Notate It! In chorus, we finished learning, "Food Glorious Food" and began the first few pages of , "The Christmas Song" or better known as, "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire."

Have a fabulous THREE day weekend!

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