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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Review 9/24-9/28

Thank you to the parents that we met with last night at Open House.  It was so nice to chat with you!

We all had a super time in music this week- and we officially got through the first month of school.  It has gone by so quickly!

First grade students finished the "Loose Tooth" song and played the triangle, drum, and rhythm sticks.  We also reviewed "Oh My" and played a game with the nursery rhyme "Jack Be Nimble."

The second graders extended their activity with the song "I'm a Nut" by adding instruments and composing new verses.  Below are some of the lyrics they came up with:
  • I'm an acorn small and yellow, and I like to play the cello
  • I'm an acorn small and blue, sitting in a tiny shoe
  • I'm an acorn small and grey, hanging out with Tina Fey
  • I'm an acorn small and green, lying in a tambourine
We reinforced steady beat with instruments, and discussed rhyming words.  In addition, we learned a cool song called "Alligator Pie."

In third grade, we sang "Four White Horses" and practiced the clapping game that goes along with it with groups of 4 friends.  It was tricky, but we had a lot of fun!

Fourth graders learned about musical form by singing a Call and Response song called "Chicka Hanka."  They improvised a rhythm stick accompaniment part to play along with the response.   In chorus they continued the new song "Candy Cane Christmas," and one group even made it to the last page of the song!   We had great behavior and focus in chorus this week.

The fifth grade students clapped, read, and spoke rhythms using:
  • Whole Notes
  • Half Notes
  • Half Rests
  • Quarter Notes
  • Quarter Rests
  • Eighth Notes
  • Sixteenth Notes
  • Ties
We put those skills to the test for our class vs. class fly swatting game.  In chorus the students continued to work on Hot Chocolate, and listened to a recording of the piece. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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