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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekly Review 10/16-10/20

Here is what we did in music this week.....

This week, the first graders learned a chant called "I Think Music's Neat." Learning this chant  has helped the students realize that the number of beats in a song or chant stays the same- even if you perform it with a different tempo! We also learned a song about a nocturnal animal called, "The Bats Are All Asleep."  The teacher sings (using a crescendo), then the students respond (with a decrescendo).

Second graders learned a challenging new song called, "Come and Follow Me."  Each phrase is sung a little bit higher than the last.  Once the students were comfortable with the song, we added the body percussion!  It takes a lot of coordination to get the hang of, but we worked on it slowly and patiently. The students have done a wonderful job!  We also watched a short film about the life of Ludwig von Beethoven. Ask your child about this particular composer!

In third grade, we played an elimination game with the song, "Dipidu" that we learned form last week. You had to find a new partner right after section B and at must be someone that you have never been paired up before. We also put percussion instruments to each rhythm on the song, "Ding Dong." Triangles were played every time there was a quarter note, hand drums were played every time there was a eighth note, and guiros were played every time there was an sixteenth note. 

The fourth graders started learning a new folk dance called "Bridge of Athlone."  They first found Ireland on the map, then talked about the history of that famous bridge.

Fifth grade students also added other instrument parts and a dance to, "Halloween Night."

In chorus, we continued learning the two grade levels songs- "Gong Xi "and "Minka." Both grades also learned a fun African Noel called, "Sing Noel!" 

Enjoy the gorgeous weather and have a fabulous weekend!

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