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Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekly Review 2/27 - 3/3

This week in music, the first grade students completed their Peter and the Wolf composition projects. We uploaded the last two videos here - they did a great job!  They also reinforced the resting tone in major tonality (do) with a fun song called "Charlie Over the Ocean."  They had to decode the secret meaning behind the fish we drew on the board.  The fish swimming higher in the ocean were "so," the fish swimming in the middle were "mi," the lowest fish was "do," and the seaweed represented quarter rests!  Then, they played a game which is similar to "Duck Duck Goose" while singing the song.

We had an "extra" music class with two of the first grade groups, so they composed new rhyming lyrics to "Oh My."  They did an amazing job!

The second graders tested their ability to recognize the unique sounds of instruments by playing "Instrument Bingo."  Students were given bingo cards with photos of different orchestral and world instruments. Then, they would hear a recording of an instrument and had to identify it based on its sound, and check their card to see if they had it.  The students who got five instruments in a row earned BINGO, and got to select a special music prize from our prize box.

The third graders have continued to do the activities in our different music centers, while testing for their next belts in Recorder Karate.  We are so proud of their progress so far!  If your child is having difficulties, they can always come down to see us for extra help.  On their instructional day, the third grade students worked on counting rhythms and sight reading Gently Sleep.  We also had time to play JoyTunes!  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to get more info on how to play at home.

The fourth and fifth grade students have started to record their composition projects and perform for their peers.  The fourth grade projects are in ABA Form, and the fifth graders composed in Rondo Form.  We will be uploading them soon!

In chorus, the students all worked on their grade level pieces.  We also rehearsed "Listen to the Rain" and "Galop."  We will start selecting students for speaking parts, and will hold auditions for dances/solos soon.  This is sure to be an amazing performance!

Congratulations to all students who participated in the All-Town Band concert last night!

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