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Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Review 2/6 - 2/10

Wow, this certainly was a snowy week!  We hope that you stayed safe and warm :)

The first grade students worked a lot on rhythm syllables and notation this week.   They continued to work on their Peter and the Wolf compositions, and will perform them in class soon!  They also learned a song for a holiday we had last week - Groundhog's Day.  The song is called "Time to Wake Up Sleepy Groundhog," and it includes a really fun circle game!  The students also enjoyed moving to a piece of classical music by Austrian composer Haydn - the Surprise Symphony!

The second grade students continued the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra interactive game.  They traveled through the safari to the string family, and some classes even continued on to the Brass family!  Next week we will be completing the activity, then will provide you with the link in case students want to play on their own at home.

The third graders had a wonderful time playing recorder this week in music class!  The students had their first Recorder Karate Belt Test.   They were so eager to show us what they had been practicing, and they all did such a wonderful job performing Hot Cross Buns!  The students who passed received a white belt on their recorder, and the students who were not ready know what they have to work on over the weekend so that they can pass next week.  We are so proud of everyone!  The students who passed took home their yellow belt song, Merrily We Roll Along.  This song uses the pitches B, A, and G.

The fourth and fifth graders started working on rhythm compositions with different musical forms.  The fourth graders are composing in ABA form, where the beginning of the song is the same as the end.  A good example of a song in ABA form is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."  The fifth graders are composing in rondo form, or ABACABA.  The students are using half notes, half rests, quarter notes, quarter rests, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes.  Next week, they will start practicing their songs on our classroom percussion instruments!

Unfortunately, due to the snow, students missed their chorus rehearsals.   We will have to work hard to catch up next week!

We'll conclude this post with some photos/video from last week's assembly on jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald:

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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