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Monday, December 19, 2016

String Update and Assignment

Fourth Graders
4A, 4B, 4C:  All fourth grade groups reviewed the notes on the D and A strings.  We are continuing to work on our reading proficiency, so practicing this skill is important!  The students played a few tunes from the Essential Elements book, then started a new song for the Spring Concert - Strings Will Rock You.

Assignment for 4th graders:
  • Page 15
  • Strings Will Rock You

Fifth Graders
5A and 5B:  The fifth grade students also reviewed their notes - by playing an awesome game called Staff Wars!  You can purchase and download the app HERE.  We listened to two songs that we will be playing in the spring: Blue Danube Waltz and Final Countdown.  Then, we started to play Strings Will Rock You.

Assignment for 5th graders:
  • Strings Will Rock You
  • D Scale:  Half notes, then quarter notes, then eighth notes...followed by sixteenth notes if you can!  

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