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Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly Review 4/11 - 4/15

This week, the first grade students sang a great song called "Walk to the House."   There are 2 moments in the song where two students each select a hand percussion instrument and play a special rhythm.  The rest of the class gets to guess which instruments were played based on the sound!  It is a great opportunity for them to review the timbre and names of each instrument!  The classes also learned about audiation.   Audiation is when you can hear music in your head, almost as if you turned on a radio in your brain!  They practiced audiating with a cute song called "Little Peter Rabbit" - complete with hand motions!

The second grade students continued to practice their songs for the Memorial Day Assembly!  We had a great time dancing with scarves and ribbons - the performance will be so much fun!  The students also started to learn "America the Beautiful."  They practiced singing with good tone, and worked on taking a good supportive breath with excellent posture in order to reach the high notes.  They also finished the song "Ah, Poor Bird" by adding boomwhackers and metallic percussion instruments.

The third graders have been doing an amazing job with our Recorder Karate program.   Please encourage your child to practice at home - we're sure they would love performing for you! On Centers Day, the students played Musical Jenga again, and a musical card game similar to "Old Maid."  The third graders also started a new song for their concert, "Juba Jive," and learned a new note - F#.

The fourth and fifth graders have entered "Concert Mode" - they are hard at work preparing for their May 11th concert.   All chorus lyrics need to be memorized by the time we get back from April Vacation so that we can add hand movements, dancing, instruments, and solos.  We hope that you can all attend the performance next month!

Please have a wonderful and safe week off, and enjoy the nice weather!

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