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Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekly Review 3/14 - 3/18

This week, the first graders finished learning about the rest of the percussion instruments we have in class! Their favorite was probably the thunder drum!   We also reviewed the different rhythms, and recognized that the du, du-de, and rest each take up one beat.  This will help us when we start our composing projects.  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the students also learned a song about a leprechaun.  They then played a game that included a hand drum as well as a glissando on the glockenspiel.

The second grade students also celebrated St. Patrick's Day by making up their own folk dances to accompany the Irish Washerwoman song.   Check out some of their videos below!  They also continued to rehearse their music for the Memorial Day Assembly, which will be on May 25th.

The third graders have been doing an amazing job on their recorders and in the recorder centers!  Many of them have started the green belt (Lucy Locket), so we are now working on low E.  It's a bit tricky to cover all of the holes, but they are getting better and better each day!

In fourth and fifth grade, the students have started their new composition projects.  Unlike our Form compositions (ABA Form and Rondo Form), this time there are no set rules.  The students are free to compose with any rhythmic patterns, and they may use any classroom instruments.   Some students are even using their orchestra/band instruments or the iPad!

In chorus this week we did a lot of work on the Kazoo Koncerto, our fun finale piece!  In addition, the fifth graders continued to rehearse Mozart's Messy Room Sonata, and the fourth graders worked on Ode to Beethoven.

Have a great weekend, and let's hope we get spring weather instead of snow! :)

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