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Monday, November 23, 2015

String Update and Assignment

We had an excellent day of lessons today, and an AMAZING orchestra rehearsal last Thursday!

Of course, the assignment this week is for all students to continue practicing their concert music.  Today we worked on Jazzy Old Saint Nick, and everyone was able to play through the whole song - it was great!  Here are a few things to remember:

  • Violins - you have a low 2 on the A string: C natural.  Your first finger will land on the tape, and your second finger will squish up against it (between the first and second tapes).
  • Violas - There is a tricky part right before rehearsal 11.  Play the C natural (low second finger) on the A string, followed by a regular F# (on the tape) on the D string.  
  • Cellos - Keep counting those half notes!  You play your notes for two beats each, while the violins are playing (faster) quarter notes.
  • Bass - Focus on the quarter notes you have, especially the ones you play when the rest of the orchestra is playing a whole note.
Visit the Orchestra Recordings page to play along with the piano accompaniment.  This will help you practice. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Next week, there is no school on Thursday due to parent/teacher conferences.  Orchestra rehearsal will be at recess on TUESDAY, December 1st.  

Here's a video of our violin/bass 4th grade lesson group.  It's so exciting to have a bass player this year to round out the orchestra!

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