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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Weekly Review 12/1 - 12/5

This week in music...

The first graders learned some new musical terms: verse and refrain.  The verse is a part of a song that has new lyrics each time the same tune returns.  The REfrain (also referred to as a chorus), however, is the part that gets REpeated, and it's the part that you REmember!  Our first graders recognized that each of those words starts with the same two letters!  The students applied these new terms to the song "Jingle Bells."  After we sang the song, we added sign language, then played an awesome game called "tap tap pass"- using our jingle bell hand percussion instruments!

The second grade students learned about our new composer of the month, Tchaikovsky!  Tchaikovsky composed during the Romantic Period, and one of his most famous works is the Nutcracker ballet.  We listened to the Trepak, or Russian Dance.  Of course it was only natural to have everyone dance along!  The students learned a complicated and fun dance, then we gave everyone scarves to use!

The third graders are starting to learn how to read music notation. We will be continuing to work on this skill for the next few weeks to prepare for the recorders that the students will start to play in the new year. It's so exciting!  They used their iPads and the Drawing Pad app to draw the musical staff, treble clef, time signature, measures, bar lines, double bar line and repeat sign.  Next week, they will learn how to add the rhythms and pitches!

The fourth and fifth grade students have been working towards their upcoming concert.  We are so impressed with their hard work and dedication!  We invite everyone to attend our evening concert on Wednesday, December 10th, at 7:00 p.m.

Remember:  Performers must arrive to Memorial that night at 6:40 p.m.  We'll see you there!

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