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Friday, December 6, 2013

Weekly Review 12/2 - 12/6

I first want to give a nice warm welcome to Mrs. Niu!  Today was her first day back from maternity leave, and everyone was so excited to see her again.  :)

This week, the first graders discussed Hanukkah traditions and learned two new songs.  "Hanukkah is Here" teaches the students about the menorah, dreidel, and a dance called the Hora.  They had a fun time acting out each section as they sang!  They also played a game to go along with the song "On this Night"- eight students pretended to be candles on a menorah, and each verse of the song was about a different candle.

The second grade students learned a few new music vocabulary words this week.  They remembered tempo from last year (the speed of music), and now they can label the tempo of a song as either allegro, andante, or adagio.  In addition, they learned the word ritardando (when the music gradually slows down - frequently found at the end of a song).  They listened to "Freight Train," and used their new vocabulary words to describe the tempo of the piece before doing a fun movement activity!

The third graders have been working towards learning how to read music notation. Yesterday I posted some more information about this, along with some pictures.  You can check it out here!

The fourth and fifth graders would like to invite you to attend their Winter Concert!  All concert information can be found HERE

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

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