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Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekly Review 9/16 - 9/20

Here's what we were up to this week in music:

The first grade students completed their "Chop Chop" chant and activity from last week.  We all pretended that we were chefs in a fancy restaurant (wearing our fancy hats and jackets too, of course!) and we "made" the most interesting soup you could imagine!  Broth, celery, chicken, carrots....Kit-Kats?  Pizza?  Each student selected their own ingredients, and we incorporated them into the chant.  The first graders learned a new chant too - "Loose Tooth" - and sang a fun song in a minor tonality called "Oh My."  Some students also started to learn about the Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach!

In second grade, we continued to discuss what patriotic music is, and why it is important.  We continued to work on "America," and a few students got to sing solos!  We have been practicing a challenging song and body percussion routine called "Come and Follow Me."  The students are starting to improve, and we are all excited about it! Some second graders learned "I'm a Nut" and composed new verses.  We will add an awesome percussion instrument next week!

The third graders finished the "Thread Follows the Needle" song and activity that they started last week.  The class was lined up in two rows, and each row had a child designated as the needle, a child as the knot, and the rest all held hands to make up the thread!  The needle led the thread in and out (and under the arms of their classmates) to create cross stitches as they sang!  It was so much fun!  They also continued to created four beat patterns individually.  In addition, we started to learn an awesome calypso song called "Four White Horses." 

In fourth grade this week, the students finished the "Cup Game."  We even tried it with our eyes closed!  In Chorus, they started to work on the "Grinch" medley.  We counted the rhythms, worked on our breathing, posture, and pronunciation!  Next week we will start "All I Want for Christmas is You."

The fifth grade students also completed their cup activities.  Mr. Rabazzi's class made a video while they were practicing, and I shared it on the blog yesterday. You can scroll down or click here to check it out!  Ms. Conceison's class will share theirs with you next week. Since many of the students are at Bourndale this week, we started the "Grinch" medley during their general music class, and we'll work more on it next time!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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