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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Review 6/3-6/7

Sorry for the delay in writing the weekly blog! Here is what happened in music last week.

Every class participated in a "Patriotic Sing-Along" during their second class of music.  Mrs. Rzasa and I realized that is our job as music teachers to teach American patriotic songs that are part of the culture and history of the United States. These songs include hymns and military themes such as, "The Star-Spangled Banner," "God Bless America," and "This Land is Your Land."

In first grade, students finished finished watching the video, "Carnival of the Animals." It was a charming performance with a whole zoo full of animals with the Mormon Youth Symphony performing. We also learned a fun song called, "Scotland's Burning." This song helped us with our
sol-fege. After we successfully sang the song on pitch, we added fun hand motions to help us learn the words to the song. We then challenged ourselves and sang the song in a round. A round is,  "a musical composition in which two or more voices sing exactly the same melody, but with each voice beginning at a different time."

The second grade students did so well on the partner activity "Ah Poor Bird" and "Hey Ho." that we added more instrument parts to this musical activity. Along with the 3 Orff percussion ostanati, we added two hand drums, one triangle, and one finger cymbal. Here are two videos of our second graders performing this partner activity- Partner Song

Our third grade students had a lot of fun dancing to the folk song, "Old Brass Wagon." Last week, the students learned the recorder part and the lyrics to the song. This week, our third graders learned the 6 different dances to the song that consisted of:
  1.  Circle to the Left
  2.  Circle to the Right
  3.  Do-Si-Do
  4.  Swing Your Partner
  5.  Bow To Your Partner
  6.  Promenade

Fourth and fifth grade students continued their  compositions on, "Looptastic." Some students worked individually and others worked with another partner. We shared these creative compositions during the last half of music.

Fifth Grade students, please MEMORIZE your "Moving-Up Song." If you need the lyrics and the music, please visit- "Today is the Day!" The "Moviing-Up" Ceremony is on Thursday, June 13th at 7:00pm! 

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