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Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekly Review 1/28 - 2/1

This week in music, the first graders added a fun clapping routine to the song "A Sailor Went to Sea."  It was tricky at first, but after some practice the students were really getting the hang of it!  They also watched a movie - Peter and the Wolf.  After studying the story and the music in class, it was fun to see it portrayed as a cartoon.  If we have time before Winter Break, the students may even act it out themselves!

The second grade students finished playing the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. They learned so much about each instrument family, and the instruments that belong in each.  We put that knowledge to the test by playing Musical Instrument Bingo.  By listening to a short musical example from each instrument, they were able to fill in their Bingo boards.   We had a great time!

In third grade, we did a review for our notation test, then took it the following class.  The material that was on this test is important for success on the recorder. The students did a great job- and we are excited to start the new recorder unit next week! Expect your child to come home with an instrument, folder, care instructions, and music.  If you are providing a recorder for your child, please have them bring it to class next week.  Thanks!

Fourth grade students started a new composition project.  Using ABA form, they will work in pairs to compose a rhythmic piece that will eventually get transferred to the computer.  With the help of MuseScore, the students will turn their rhythmic compositions into melodic compositions.  The music can be printed out for a professional result!  In chorus, the students continued the Elements song with "Fire," finished "Rhythm of the Rain," and continued the energetic "Turn the World Around."

In fifth grade this week, the students started a composition project similar to the ones they did in fourth grade.   We challenged them to compose with a new form called rondo form.  Rondo form can follow a variety of patterns, as long as it returns to a familiar theme.  Our form will follow "ABACABA."  In chorus, the students continued the Elements song with "Fire," finished "The Wind," and continued the energetic "Turn the World Around."

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