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Friday, February 3, 2012

DARE Graduation (5th Grade Only)

We are approaching this year's DARE graduation for 5th graders, and therefore starting to learn "I Will Dare."  Below are the lyrics and a recording you can use for practice:


I Will Dare
People can tell me what they’ve done.
May be some things. Maybe none.
But people can’t tell me what to do.
I will choose the way that’s true for me.
Don’t want to fall into the trap.
Don’t want to be somebody’s sap.
I’m better than that!
I’ll go to the mat to prove I can be drug free! Yeah, yeah!

D! I won’t to do drugs!
A! Won’t have an attitude!
R! I will respect myself!
E! I will educate me! (repeat) Now.

People can tell me what they know.
I will listen as I go.
But people can’t take my mind away.
Only I can have a say in me.
Don’t have to follow others’ path.
Don’t have to know their aftermath.
My mind is my own!
I’ll reap what I’ve sown!
I know I can be drug free! Yeah, yeah!


Check your attitude at the door…(repeat)
I’m gonna beat the odds.
I won’t do drugs I won’t give in.
I’m gonna call the shots I my life.
An I’m gonna win.
Don’t push me. Don’t press me.
Don’t call me friend when all you wanna do is drag me
Its time for this to end!
Check your attitude at the door!
I do not want to score!
I only want to win in this drug war!

CHORUS (4 times)

I will dare!
I will dare!
I will dare!
I will dare! Oh! (3rd and 4th time only)
Now! Now!
I will dare!

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